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Elizabeth Banks over haar crush op Woody Harrelson!

Elizabeth Banks (Effie) vertelt in een interview met Moviefone over de crush die ze heeft op Woody Harrelson (Haymitch), over haar character Effie Trinket en ook praat ze over Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss).

Did you have fun working with Woody?
It really was so much fun. I’m enamored with Woody Harrelson. And I don’t know how much he committed to it but I committed to creating a lot of story [between Effie and Haymitch] out of nothing, frankly. Because there is nothing going on. We don’t really talk to each other. But I was committed to creating a physical relationship onscreen. We’re always sitting next to each other. It’s like we’re a team, but we hate each other.

Like Paul Abdul and Simon Cowell?
It’s very classic rom-com. I’d say more like Bogie and Bacall. It’s not so modern as that. It’s more about glances and attitude towards each other. You can see that there’s some respect there but there’s also a lot of disgust.

So it’s one-sided…
He’s more disgusted with me, for sure. (Laughs). Elizabeth Banks has a full-on crush on Woody Harrelson. Effie definitely has a crush on Haymitch, but Haymitch does not like Effie. That’s what I’d say is going on.

Lees hier het volledige interview!


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